"We are in the business of inspiring people, and we love it!"

"We are in the business of inspiring people, and we love it!"

"We are in the business of inspiring people, and we love it!"

"We are in the business of inspiring people, and we love it!"

Who are we?

Nidhi Kush Shah | Founder & Director, Alchemy Consulting

Nidhi Kush Shah is an experienced and passionate Keynote Speaker, Writer, Facilitator and Coach specializing in Executive Personal Branding, Communication Skills and Business Networking.

In the last eight years, Nidhi has gained leadership and training experience across Australia, Hong Kong, China, Macau and India. Since its inception in 2012, her firm ‘Alchemy Consulting’ has rapidly gained popularity for providing unique, interactive and effective Learning & Development solutions.

Over the years, Nidhi has helped hundreds of professionals build their executive personal brand and transform their communication and people skills into powerful assets. She is a sought-after speaker and is regularly invited to speak at and train companies, trade bodies and universities across Asia. Her interviews and articles have been published in Macau Daily, HR Magazine (by Thomson Reuters), Hong Kong Echo, Hong Kong Business and Sharp Heels.

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Why work with us?

We absolutely love what we do. We are passionate about inspiring and enabling individuals.

Our courses are 100% customized to meet the requirements of the team we work with.

We believe that learning should be fun, practical and inspiring. And hence all our programmes are fully interactive with actionable strategies, case studies, role plays, audio-visuals and exercises.

And most importantly

We are convinced that learning begins after the discussion is over. In boardrooms. In day to day work situations and conversations. Hence, we provide face-to-face and online follow up support.

Training Programmes

Our courses are unique, specially customized for the participants and highly interactive.

They are available in different length formats ranging from 2-Hour Workshops, Half-Day, Full-Day and 2-Days programmes.

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Our Clients

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  • “Nidhi has now delivered a couple of sessions for the Mentoring Programme for Women Leaders at The Women’s Foundation. Building your Personal Brand and Delivering an Elevator Pitch. Both sessions were extremely well received with participants particularly enjoying the practical examples given, the focus on brand keywords and gaining a better understanding of how to…..

    -Jo Hayes | Director, Pipeline Initiatives, The Women's Foundation
  • “I started working with Nidhi in 2016 when she was commissioned by my firm to roll out a series of workshops for Female Insurance Group Asia, our network that is designed to support the professional development of women in the insurance industry.  She ran a programme of courses addressing a range of soft skills, from…..

    -Carmel Green | Senior Associate, RPC Law Firm
  • “Nidhi delivered the closing session 90 minute session on intercultural communication at our 2016 Asia Pacific Conference attended by delegates from 21 countries. The session met all our requirements – being lively, interactive and informative.”

    -Jon Lisby | CEO, Kreston International
  • “I recently attended Nidhi’s Personal Branding workshop that she presented in partnership with The Women’s Foundation in Hong Kong and I walked away with a deeper understanding about how to identify my personal brand, how to build my offline and online brand elements and how to promote my personal brand. I would highly recommend meeting…..

    -Tingi Ko | Country Manager at The Entertainer FZ LLC
  • “Nidhi delivered a personalized training session for my region in 2015. I asked her to customize her training to my specific needs and the dynamics of the multi-national team from Japan to Australia!!! She excelled and delivered on each of my 3 requests with ease. I would engage Nidhi again if I have another team…..

    -Marc Fernandez | Regional VP of Sales, Asia, ForeScout Technologies
  • “I first attended Nidhi’s session on “Managing Up” organised by APSMA in October 2015. Since then, I have met Nidhi to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. Nidhi is a pleasure to work with and someone I would definitely reach out to if I am brainstorming ideas for speaker events. I have found Nidhi to be an…..

    -Jeannie Leung | Global Business Development Manager at King & Wood Mallesons
  • “We engaged Nidhi to run a 2-hour training on Personal Branding for our team during the offsite planning meeting. Her session is engaging, tailored and dynamic – all of us enjoyed and benefited from this great experience! From the initial meeting to post-training evaluation, Nidhi is very accommodating and easy to work with. I truly…..

    -Blanca Cheng | Deputy Head Asia Marketing Christie's
  • “Your speech related to Strategic Business Networking, during France Macau Business Association’s Breakfast Meeting was a wonderfully inspirational start of the day for our members and guests. I have only received positive feedback and felt that our objectives of our presentations, being entertaining and educational, were met in full, as I heard that the audience…..

    -Rutger Verschuren | Chairman of France Macau Business Association Chief Operating Officer at Shun Tak Hospitality
  • “Nidhi delivered Impactful Training to high potentials for Mercer Greater China. We were impressed by Nidhi’s facilitation – passionate, well organized, and very interactive. I enjoy working with Nidhi who is very diligent to organize the pre-session activities and follow up with the post session activities.” Nidhi always brings positive energy to the participants and…..

    -Elaine Huang | Talent Management Leader, Greater China and Far East Mercer Consulting
  • “I first met Nidhi when she conducted the Personal Brand Building and Effective Business Networking sessions for our MBA class in Hong Kong. Prior to the session, most of us in the audience had blank faces of how we could be positioned as a ‘brand’ that people remember and want to be associated with. But…..

    -Varun Thakur, | SSR Marketing Manager Amazon Services
  • “I met Nidhi at the French Chamber where I attended a training about intercultural communication. She is very professional and a very good public speaker. It was my first training on the matter and she gave me very useful information and tools on multicultural environment. She is very kind and attentive.”

    -Elise Barth | Senior HR Consultant-Training Specialist, Project Manager
  • “I attended a training section about intercultural communication given by Nidhi at the French Chamber. The training was very well organized and Nidhi presented a good number of useful tools and skills that can help negotiate across cultures and secceed in multicultural teams. She is very kind and professional.”

    -Chloe Deng | Publications Manager The French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
  • “Nidhi is a friendly and approachable training professional. She can easily establish rapport with people attending her training sessions. In addition, her versatile and likeable personality enable her to fit in well with different cultures.”

    -Melina Lai | Director The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • “Very Engaging (Intercultural Communication Skills Training). Not afraid to take time for questions and follow the topic where it leads.”

    -Peter Ling | Regional Senior Credit Officer BNP Paribas
  • “We organized for our team a Personal Branding training by Nidhi. It was an enriching experience thanks to her solid preparation and skilled delivery.”

    -Cyril Sayag | Vice President Public & Legal Affairs Pernod Ricard
  • “Nidhi, your session of personal branding was very engaging, appropriate and highly enjoyable! It was also very relevant to the challenges younger people face early in their career and your content really make them think about how thier behaviour impacts how they are viewed in the world. Its also very culturally neutral and applicable in…..

    -Kwong Yee Leong | Talent & Diversity Leader for Growth Market Region Mercer
  • “We highly recommend Nidhi to anyone looking for an effective life or career coach, with a big smile. Nidhi led a successful presentation to professional female alumni from HEC, ESSEC and ESCP (top French Business Schools) on “Managing Up”. Managing Up is a key topic for women wanting to achieve a successful relationship with their…..

    -Laetitia Mergui Hentz | Chief Operating Officer Balmain Asia
  • “Nidhi worked for the French Chamber three times already. She is very professional and is a very good mentor always smiling. I found that her trainings were very insightful and I definitely recommend her as a training professional.”

    -Alice Begot | Events Manager The French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Hong Kong
  • “I attended a seminar conducted by Nidhi on personal branding. I found her to be a very warm and personable facilitator. She was patient, encouraged participation from the delegates, and came across as somebody who knows what they are talking about. Nidhi uses her own experiences very well in bringing the learning to life. I…..

    -Asha Sridhar | Director Global Sourcing HR Dollar General
  • “The training of Nidhi is very practical; it is not only theory but also the solution and idea that I can use in the actual networking event. Highly recommended training!”

    -Lillian Lao | Business Development Manager The French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Hong Kong
  • “Got the chance to attend one training session with Nidhi and I just loved it. Very clear presentation materials and explanations. I think we all learnt quite a lot, while having some fun too. Can’t wait to put all this knowledge into practice.”

    -Khaty Kone | Managing Director Charms City Limited
  • I have followed a training course with Nidhi Kush Shah about “The Formula of Getting Hired & Promoted”. I liked her dialouge with all of us and specially her ability to offer practical solutions to our questions. She has an expertise on the subject and likes to share it. I recommend to participate in her…..

    -Agathe Geoffrion | Communication and Project Manager Groupama
  • “It was a pleasure meeting Nidhi and I had an unexpectedly great learning and sharing experience (at the “Converting Networking to Sales” workshop). The topic of Networking is simple and complex at the same time that can be confusing when you are trying to find your way to surf this networking wave. I enjoyed the…..

    -Elena Kirillova | Branch Manager - Shenzhen Branch Globe Express Services
  • “I greatly enjoyed working with Nidhi on her article “Getting the Best Referrals through Effective Networking” for the Human Resources magazine that Thomson Reuters publishes in Hong Kong. Nidhi has an in-depth knowledge of Communication, Personal Branding and Coaching. Besides, she referred to relevant research to strengthen her argument. In the end, her article was…..

    -Kamilia Lahrichi | Editor at Thomson Reuters
  • “I attended Nidhi’s Personal Branding session at one of the HKU MBA professional workshops earlier in July and found it very inspiring and practical. Her delivery was extremely effective and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to communicate better and make a difference with personal brand building!!”

    -Gregory Ng | Project Sales Manager, E. Bon Group
  • “Nidhi Kush Shah has taught several classes at General Assembly and did a fantastic job. She was extremely thorough and thoughtful in her preparation as well as her delivery of the class. Most importantly, she genuinely cared about each and every student, and was dedicated to understanding their goals and needs so that she could…..

    -Allison Baum | Director, General Assembly Hong Kong
  • Attending Nidhi’s class on – Brand “You” was an eye opener on a topic which I never had come across earlier in any Business class room or Training – building One’s Own Brand. I found particularly interesting her practical insights into how to improve Communications & confidence in dealing with Others, while at the same…..

    -Navin Soni CFA | VP Chartering at Noble Group
  • On February 26, 2013 I attended a personal branding talk by Nidhi Kush Shah called ‘The Brand You’. Nidhi highlighted the importance of personal branding in today’s highly interconnected world, then gave concrete steps on how to identify and leverage our personal strengths to network with sincerity and make ourselves memorable, both in person and…..

    -Heenu Nihalani | Writer & MSc. Finance student
  • Nidhi is a great person to work with as she is a true team player. I love her energy and passion in what she is doing and she is always open-minded to try new things and develop new opportunities. I had the pleasure of hosting an event with her and her training style was very…..

    -Art Lee | Digital Strategist - APAC & U.S. Strategic Marketing Director at the Internet Marketing Coach Ltd.
  • “Nidhi has been a great example to our group of young professionals in our Cancham committee. As presentable as she is passionate – the love for what she is doing is passed onto us almost effortlessly. Nidhi’s workshops and presentations have been knowledgeable, interesting, and very well-received by our group. We can’t wait for the…..

    -Nathan Ho | Assistant Sales Manager - Pacific Coffee Company Limited and Co-Chair of the Young Professional Committee at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • “It is our greatest pleasure to invite Nidhi to come to share with us how to be a presentable speaker. We have learned a lot from the seminar about how to catch audience attention and have gained insights on making presentation effective. Thank you for the lively talk with vivid daily examples and demonstration and…..

    -Patty Cheung | Vice President (Talent Management), AIESEC-LC-PolyU, HKPUSU, Session 2011-2012
  • “Nidhi has always been so supportive of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong by providing insightful trainings to the members. Nidhi’skills have helped the audience to improve their interpersonal skills very rapidly. She definitely knows how to make the audience interested about what she presents. As a Director of the Cancham, I highly…..

    -Jean-Baptiste Roy | Senior Manager - Valuation & Advisory - Asia-Pacific at CENSERE
  • “I recently heard Nidhi speak at an American Chamber of Commerce event and thought she did an amazing job. Her presentation was interesting and engaging, and full of useful tips that I could easily apply to my business. Thanks Nidhi!”

    -Laurie Goldberg | Managing Director, AmeriCraft Imports
  • “Nidhi really knows how to present, considering the type of audience, so that we can remember and improve some everyday soft skills, whether it be for example presentation skills or how to brand yourself.”

    -Alexandre Lanoie | Co-Chair, Young Professional Committee, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce
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24 Hours Only? Tips on How to Get More Done in Less Time

Friday,August 07,2015

Time seems to be the scarcest “commodity” of the 21st century. Friends, family and clients I know have more than often complained about the lack of time in their lives to do the things they want. And so have I. What got me to really thinking about this further was the conversation I had with one of my clients last week. He said: “I know that there are all these things to be done to build my executive leadership brand. But where is the time? How do I fit all this in my…..


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